Sunday, May 19, 2013

Late, Late Late For a Very Important Date!

Watching Frank Cut Grass
We have worked all morning to prepare for the final installation of the hall/den tile.  The room is so large!  LOL, and empty!

One of the things we had to deal with is the TV with 7 devices connected to it.  This is just the wires from only ONE of the 7!  I will now go through TV withdrawals tonight.  I stay on the sofa until about 1 or 2 AM and watch all the shows, news reports, reruns, crime shows, pawn shop shows until I fall asleep and head back to the bedroom, where Frank has been since 11 pm.

I remember walking into this  room when we were looking at houses 28 years ago

I was huge pregnant for Carrie and we had searched for months for the perfect house we could afford.  This one was nothing I wanted; it was an odd grey brick, the ugliest seafoam green carpeting, only three bedrooms and the backyard was trashed.  But it had just come on the market and our very patient agent wanted to check it out to see why it was so below price in the upscale subdivision.

Little dog in TWO beds
I walked through it and fell in love with the bathroom!  It was larger than my bedroom in the house we had just sold!  Why the tub alone was larger than the bathroom in the sold house.  I was going to live like a queen!  We had the first bid on it, followed by 5 more that same day!

Chloe is where the sofa USED to be!
Now, while it may not be a showplace, it is very comfortable and very up to date and very much mine.  We paid it off over 12 years ago using the proceeds from the company I just sold and doubling up on the mortgage payments every month for the 5 years before that.

9 yards of fun
To treat myself while in the middle of this the ultimate reorganization of my life, I went to Mia's shop for some incredible dots and chevrons.  She is at the Seattle Market and the mice are reducing the prices on something different every day!  Friday it was dots and chevrons and Saturday it was red/white/blue fabrics.  Here is my haul! And here is my report!

used this week 0
Used May -4.5
added this week 9
added May 11
used YTD -52.83
added YTD 34.5
stash reduction -18.33


  1. Nice to be in a house for so long and recall all the renovations! My first house was a huge fat bargain, paid cash for it. Spent 2 years fixing it up, sold it on the first day for more thanni was asking and....bought my current one outright with the profits! I'm in a very small 2 br home (900sqft counting the porch) and we have remodeled the heck outta this place...only one interior wall! It's been awesome. I'm happy for ya Glen!

  2. Your dots and chevrons are really pretty. I may have to add some of these to my stash -- it is so lacking in modern prints.


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