Sunday, May 12, 2013


We have two entrants and two prizes!  LOL

I guess Mothers Day Weekend is not the time to have a giveaway.

To be fair, since Anne of the Desert posted first she gets to choose which one she wants. The wallet set or the chicken and the pig.  And SonJa gets the other.  If you would send your snail mails info to


I will get it off at least by Wednesday or Thursday because I am currently sitting I the emergency room waiting to see about my eye.  Frank says it looks way worse than It did earlier.  I can't see it so I have to rely on my Mr. high Alert.

I am sure I will be fine, this is not the worst I have had!



  1. Sent you an email.
    I sure hope you're home getting some shut eye now. Hope it's not too painful and that it heals quickly.

  2. I hope your eye is ok! I am just catching up from the weekend. I have had some eye trouble in the past and it is not fun. Take care!


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