Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Told Them Not To Leave Their Equipment Laying Around!

Eye is better today. Although it still hurts.  I guess it is better.  I can't see it and Frank says, I don't know..........geez.  If it were him, he would be in the hospital with bandages around his head like the Invisible Man had.

The dogs are once again at the kennel.  McGee refused to go back with the girls and I had to walk him.  With his Arnold Schwarzenegger
 build and stubborn determination, there is no way he is going if he doesn't want to!

Chloe was so cute yesterday and
again today.  When you open the door to the vet's office you see the desk and three or four people behind it.  She rushes up to the desk, which is booby high to me, and jumps up as high as she can to see them!  She loves seeing people.

Before the guys left yesterday, I told them not to leave their stuff laying around for McGee to steal.  They thought it was funny.  So last night he took the cover bag off their tile saw and shredded it.

And he began to chew all the corners of the tile boxes.  This morning there is ripped cardboard all over the walkway.

I told them!

Today they will finish the laying of the tile and tomorrow they will grout it.  I can't find anything.  We searched for the cat food container all last night.  This morning when I put the dirty clothes in the washer, there it was mixed in with the clothes!


  1. LOL I think McGee has a serious problem :)

  2. The tile is looking great! Glad to hear your eye is better - it is just going to take time - urgh!!! I know you want it to be better NOW!


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