Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tile Installation Slowly Progressing

Last night, Frank decided I was right, we should have taken the bed apart on Sunday.  As you can see, my bedroom is of Moroccan flavor.  The Elephant Quilt will hang behind the bed at some point in time.  The bed, even though it looks small, is a queen sized bed.  It acutally dismantled fine once Frank listened to me.

Can you see the "column" on the far wall? I got three of these plaster shelves from Kirkland's from the clearance table.  Like for $10 each.  And to me they looked like the tops of columns.  So I got some molding and cut out the top so the shelf bottom would fit, and made myself three columns in the room!

I think I just saw a new way to photograph quilts!  LOL.  Hang them on the top of the bed posts and drape them down!  Yes!

See, it pays to look at your stuff in a different light.

Here is the stencil that looks like a lace curtain on the long wall.  And these guys are over the bathroom door.

This palm tree doesn't really need the rest of the trunk because I have a tall dresser that sits in that alcove.  It used to be a make up desk and mirror but who puts on make up?

Here is the carpet torn up and the floor being worked on.
It is about 1:30 PM and they came back from lunch ready to put
the mastic on the floor.  There were a number of cracks in the foundation that needed to be filled.  The consensus was that there should be no further settling, no doors we couldn't open and no uneven floors that are signs of problems with moving foundations.

So they are putting a mastic on the floor after filling the cracks that will allow the tile to break away rather than crack should there be more movement.  David was not concerned about future movement however.

And the mastic smells so I am glad the day is pretty and cool and we can open doors and keep the air moving.

The cat is not happy, however.


  1. well have fun redoing your room! it can be a pain in the butt but usually well worth the time spent

  2. Maybe the cat should have gone with the dogs? Cats hate change, but you know that, he's going to be unhappy for a few days, poor little guy.
    Can't wait to see your pics of the new floor.

  3. Ooooh, I can hardly wait to see it!


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