Monday, May 13, 2013

Tile Goes In on Tuesday!

Bedroom stuff in den
We just have to take the bed apart and there will be only the chair I can't lift left in the bedroom.  The guys who come tomorrow will have to help Frank with that.  It has taken a good three days to get the stuff out of there and stowed in various rooms.  I took 3 boxes of stuff to Purple Cow, one box to Carrie and I have a box that will go to Ann at some point.  It looks like I have a lot more left to live with still.

The dogs will go to the kennel tomorrow while the work is being done.  I also asked if they have one of the luxury suites open and I could come stay in there wile the work is being done.  There is a TV, they take you out a couple of times a day, feed you, play with you and you get to be with all the dogs all day long.

What my eye sees today
My eye is sore, like I have something BIG in it.  But it is not continuing to swell and redden like it was yesterday.  The ointment puts a film over that eye and I can't see well.  Although I see well enough to play my card game on the iPad and watch NCIS, Bones and Castle in between Fox News.  I miss the Jodi Arias Trial not being on.  I could just listen to that and do other things with it in the background.

I don't want to do much and stir up any dust in my eye.

Chloe and I sat outside for a while

This is my chair on the patio
I have lost some 10 lbs in these last 4 weeks on that diet from Dr. Oz, the Fast Metabolism Diet.  And I like the way you eat, lots of fresh meat and veggies and lots and lots of fruits.  Tonight I made skewered shrimp, a Cuban dish of wild rice with black beans and a couple of mandarins   I could have had a nice salad with it, but Frank worked on the skewers and I did the beans and rice.  I can't touch shrimp, I am highly allergic to uncooked shrimp.  So I used heavy latex gloves to peel them before I marinated them in lemon, olive oil and garlic.    Sorry, I forgot to take a picture for you.

I will get you some photos of the tile going in tomorrow.  That ought to be fun fun fun!

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  1. I am so glad your eye is better and you are not in pain! I am looking forward to seeing the tile installed.


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