Friday, May 31, 2013

Off The Wall Friday -- The Least Creative Week Ever Takes a Dive

The least creative week, you bet!  Between my eye poking incident and the tile going on and on and on and never seeming to end, I have just not had time nor the opportunity nor the sight to do any creative work.  But keep reading, I have a new thing I want to do to get those creative juices flowing again.

If you want to see some people who actually got work done this week, go here to see Nina-Marie's Creativity Off the Wall Friday Group.

I really do like the way Nina-Marie pulled her lilies together.  They really are looking like the real deal now.  I was wondering, but I think you have finally hit on the way to make it work.  I thought the background was not going to work, but I am seeing it come together and work.  You added a sun (or the moon?).  And it made so much difference in how the background fit to the whole.

Oh, my eye, cornea specialist says I did lift the flap of the lasik and there is epithelial cells growing under the edges, but he thinks they were there before the poking accident.  And since the vision is 20/20 in that eye, he is happy to leave it alone.  YES!

So this is what I want to do now.  I found a journal of creativity called 365: A Daily Creativity Journal (Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life) by Noah Scalin  You can get it at at anywhere from buck fifty to $13.00.  Basic idea is that you create something every day using the guidelines he suggests (can be changed, enlarged, made smaller, modified, skipped or folded/spindled/mutilated) and your creativity develops in ways you never dreamed.

For example, I thumbed through the book and found a suggestion that said:  Take a 5 minute walk from your house and stop.  Look around.  Make something with something you find in the vicinity.

What Noah did was to choose a subject, skulls.  And he made a Skull-A-Day using these suggestions.  He learned new techniques, enhanced old ideas, met new people, changed his life, went on TV, wrote a book, sold art.  Traded art.

He says you will not always have a winner each day, you will not always get it right the first time or the fifteenth.  But the majority of what you do will be better art than you can believe.  And you will grow.

I want to get a group and do some days.  How about it?  Interested?  How about for a month?  And if you like it you can continue with us.  Or get your own group?

Leave a message and let me know.  I am so excited to do this.  I am feeling so creative just THINKING about this book!

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