Friday, May 3, 2013

Off The Wall Friday - The Wet Uptown Girl Purse and the Nude Dog Walker

I spent a goodly amount of my time this week either in meetings or working on that Uptown Girl Purse.  I really love the thing!

Go to Nina Marie's Creations to see some people who really did some great leaps on their pieces.  Check them out!

I used some of the vintage houndstooth fabric from Cousin Karen's mom, Aunt Evelyn.  And it is incredible!  The pattern is from McCalls Quilting Nov/Dec 2010 Magazine.  I found a black leather purse at the Purple Cow Resale Shop for $1 and used the handles and strap for that.  In the bottom I put two pieces of foam board in a sleeve.  They did not add pockets, and I think if I did this again, I would add some pockets.

Anne, I can show you how to put pockets in the lining, easy and very convenient to have in there.

The pleats made the outside look like a schoolgirl skirt!  Too funny!  They were easy to create.  Not a lot of trouble, I don't like stuff with trouble.  I get into enough trouble on my own.  Like, when I was making the sleeve for the foam board, I put one piece in and promptly dropped into the dog's water bowl that they never drink out of (they prefer the toilet). And everything was pretty wet for a while.

I recommend it if you want a classy tote for your classy quilting stuff.

The Nude Dog Walker did not get much play this week.  But I did find a nice pencil that erases with a fabric eraser to draw in the quilting lines.  It is a graphite marking pencil by Dritz and the eraser is sort of like those gum erasers we used in grammar school.

I plan on working on it a bit today since the weather took a turn for the cold.  We woke to 42 degrees this morning!

In May?  In South Louisiana?  Really?  That Nude there is just about shivering!

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  1. You know, I swear, if I were rich, I'd just drive to your house for 2 days and have you show me now to make a purse/bag/tote. Scares me half to death, but I'm going to do it and before summer too! :)


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