Friday, May 3, 2013

So.....What is a Stupid Thing YOU Did This Month?

OR this week, or today even?  You know I am going to share with you what I just did!

I am finished doing the hand work on the Cotton Robin piece for this project.  All I have left to do is to hand sew the binding down on the back.  And get it mailed off!  I see to get all the England and New Zealand and Germany mailings that are quite expensive to send.  But I am sure they will be loved!  Here is a sneak peak.  I can't show the whole thing, so you will have to wait till the big reveal in June or so.

But that is not the stupid thing I did.

This is it.........

I take my dirty laundry and wash a load every day.  That necessitates taking a clean dry load from the dryer and putting the washed load into the dryer to make room for the new load.

I took my clean dry laundry from the dryer and placed it in the basket in the hallway, carefully making sure the socks were in the bottom so the bad bassets would not steal any.  Then I heard a   noise that sounded like McGee was taking the plumbing apart in the hall bath.  So I go investigate and find His Nibs stuck half in the tub and half out of the tub, struggling with his little short legs to get one way or the other.  He was perfectly balanced -- half in/half out and looking for all the part of a teeter totter.

So I save his life once again.

And back to the laundry.  I fill the washer with clothes, place detergent and non-chlorine bleach in the respective spouts and hit the ON button.

I turn to leave the room and see my dirty laundry sitting there waiting to be put into the washer.  WHA.........???????

I just put the CLEAN clothes back into the washing machine!

I guess I will have VERY VERY clean clothes!  

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  1. You know, that's one thing I have never done, washed clean clothes all over again instead of the dirty ones! That's funny. McGee, that dog needs to have a book written about him, what a guy. And no picture of McGee being a teeter-totter, shame on you!!!


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