Saturday, May 4, 2013

Whew......That Was Tough!

Anne of the Desert and I decided we would do a tote bag.  She had never done one, so I volunteered to teach one.  If you have ever taught something over several states without looking at each other and having no pictures and not being able to talk to each other, you would have an idea of what we just went through! It is like being in one of those sensory deprivation chambers!  Augh!

(Undeliverable - Hey stupid computer, you just delivered 7 emails to her, what do you mean you can't deliver this one?)

We started off well, but when we got to the part of making the handles, which if you have never made handles before, you really have to see a visual.  Nothing would make the photos go.

(Anne does not exist - yes she does, she breathes and eats and sews, I know she is not a figment of my imagination!)

(Computer shutting down - Oh no!  Not that!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.............)

Here's mine
Don't piss the computer off now......

Anne's bag, hers has longer handles
But we persevered and finally, by sheer willpower, finished two bags tonight!

I guess I need to clean up all my posts to her and put up a tutorial for anyone wanting to make a basic tote bag.  With this one you can make all kinds of changes and make the bag you have always wanted to own!

You can even add a big flap and make a messenger bag. So many possibilities once you have the basic stuff down.

I know just where this one is going!  It won't be "undeliverable" !!!!

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  1. Yours is so cute! Thank you so much Glen, I had a blast! And now I think I've figured out that your early morning posts are really your late night posts!! And here I thought you were getting up at the crack of dawn!

    Thanks again!


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