Thursday, May 9, 2013

Progressing on the Airplanes

Coming along nicely.  Now I need to start putting the large clouds together and cut away the back surplus.

The planes look small, but they really are not.  They are about real size if you would make one.

I am having a blast making this quilt.  I love it and there is no way I will give it away.  I must find a home for some other quilts, but this one will stay!  I can't wait to get to the quilting of it.

The grey is a bit dark but it is a really nice linen piece and I love the feel of it.  I am thinking I will use a grey variegated thread to quilt it with.  Currents of air!

To make the curves of the clouds, I used my handy dandy trash can.

And when that was not large enough I resorted to the French Curve.  Trash can was easier, albeit a bit more bulky to work around.  Especially
on the wall.........imagine that!

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  1. Trash can quilting! Who knew?

    After reading about your cat and knowing how many times you have saved the lives of your dogs I have come to think that you may be the second coming of Francis of Assisi or I shall call you Glen of Louisiana - the patron saint and angel of all things fur. God bless you my friend, if hearts were really made of gold then you would be the richest woman on earth (or Baton Rouge anyway. :-))


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