Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Tour of My House Floors

Well, finally got the tile ordered and we are waiting for it to come in to schedule the installation.  We will do the installation in two phases.  I am not as energetic as PattyA is, David and his wonderful crew will do the total install.  I told Frank we could save a couple hundred dollars by doing the quarter round ourselves.  He looked at me, laughed and said, a couple hundred dollars of my time is way more valuable out servicing my customers!

So, I can sit back and eat bonbons while the crews work for me!  LOL.

David has done all the surfaces in my house since I met him 25 years ago.

Floors in my kitchen/breakfast area are pavers.

The formal dining room/quilting room is commercial carpet with a
marvelous vine.  Frank saw it in a hotel somewhere and loved it.

The den/hall is a deep maroon thick carpet that has lasted for 15 year and still looks good, despite the incredible amount of dog hair that it gathers daily!  I don't know why we actually have dog beds, they sleep on the sofa anyway.

The master bedroom is a beautiful cream carpet that is about 6 or 7 years old.  This is my reading/relaxing/getting away from everyone nook.  I am found there with two bassets slung across me. so much for getting away from everyone.  I had to look at why it looks grey around the dog's toy box.  That is sun coming in from the door to the back yard.  Odd looking, but the carpet is all the same color in there, really.

Frank's office is a thick blue carpet that makes him feel like he is on the
ocean.  Don't ask.  LOL.  It is because of the lighthouse theme in there...........just sayin'

You can see all the dust up there!  LOL. I don't dust, and I guess he doesn't either!  My wonderful housekeeper did that for 26 years for me.  And that is just a "few" of his lighthouses!

And my baths are the large ceramic tiles.

My foyer is an interesting thing.  It is the unofficial storage area for my
excess quilting stuff.  And i am slowly working to incorporate it in my studio.  I wanted a center design and looked for months to fine just the right one.  When I showed it to the tile guys the day they came to lay the foyer tile, the supervisor had a horror struck look on his face.  It seems he thought it was the sign of the devil and could not work in this house.  I assure you it is just tile!  LOL.  I do no satanic rituals in there, although there are a few people who might think otherwise!

The studio is Carrie's old bedroom.  When she moved out, and I was sure she was not coming back.........LOL..........I took it over.  She designed the cabinetry and cutting table and Frank built it.  I have Pergo laminate in there that was leftover from when we did the rent house.  Carrie and I laid that in both the rent house and the studio.  It is the only room David has not done for us.  And I love it because my office chair flies over the wood like a speedy
race car (when the wheels are clean!)

So the  den/hall/master bedroom will soon be the dark long tile on the left in the sample.  The top right piece is exactly the color of all the wood in the den.  I felt it would look like a bowl if I put that in there.  Carrie said, go darker mom, darker.  So I did.  When I called her and told her I have a southwestern rug picked out for the room, I could hear a sharp intake of breath as she held her tongue.  But I am sure her eyes rolled far back into her head!

LOL.  Gotta love that girl!  I can see her eyes rolling as I type!


  1. Can't wait to see your new floors when they are all put in. I love doing things like that to my house, makes it feel all new again! :)

  2. Where did you find that mariners compass tile? Is it just regular floor tile? I need to do my kitchen and would love to find something like that for when you come in the door.

    Don't tell Chloe and "the nose" but as much as he is a pain in the ass, I think McGee really is the most handsome of the pack. Must be the ears and the look of entitlement on his face.


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