Friday, May 10, 2013

Off The Wall Friday - Airplanes

Yesterday I was fooling around with a new picture and I totally screwed up my blog heading.  I panicked and couldn't get it back right again.  So the picture is large, but not as large as it was at first!  You could only see DiNozzo's right eye!  LOL

Of course, as usual, you can see some fabulous people doing fabulous things over at Nina Marie Creation's Off the Wall Friday Group.

The other night, I was playing with the iPad and my new found interest Pinterest.  I hate to sit and just watch TV when I can be doing something productive.  But I want to spend some time with Frank too.  So I do hand work or play with the iPad.  This night I was searching on Pinterest and blue quilts.

I was totally taken with this quilt.  I searched for the next two days to find who is the owner of the quilt and if there was a pattern.  I could not find any info on it except this picture.  And it was an old photo by several years.  So simple, and yet so dramatic.  I had to make it.

I am thinking of names, Air Currents, On The Wind, Sea Breeze.  Soar.

So I set out to draft the planes.  I made some paper planes and attempted to draft a paperpieced pattern of them.  I was partially successful in doing that combined with the picture of the planes on the quilt.

The colors were perfect.  I thought about making a yellow plane, but red just seemed too perfect.  The grey in my quilt is a beautiful linen that came from my Aunt's stash.  Probably destined for a suit or jacket.  It has a wonderful drape to it that will be the perfect cloud, and I have leftovers that I can use in other things now.

And last night, I thought about my precious Riley Blake Chevrons I purchased on the Shop Hop in Houston last year.  I have been hoarding it, not wanting to use it up.  It was quite expensive, you know, but I had to have it.

And it is perfect for this quilt.  Now I need to sew the cloud layers together.   Any suggestions on doing that?  I guess I can use freezer paper and starch.  After they are sewn together, I can cut away the excess and the white will be whiter.

I made the clouds by using my two trash cans.  Which were bulky and clumsy to use, but extremely effective!   Frank was majorly impressed.  He always is though.

However, he did say it needed a lighthouse and a sailboat.


  1. Can't wait to see how your project progresses.

  2. I love the red planes. And I love the fact that you used trash cans as templates!

  3. gosh - I get busy and not visit your blog for a few days and you go from nudes to planes - grin!! The red is great!


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