Friday, May 10, 2013


In preparation for the tile going in and the ultimate cleaning out of all floors in 2 major huge rooms, I am finding a ton of non-essential stuff.

So I will have some giveaways of this stuff that I really like but really don't need.

This is a nice wallet set that was part of a group of things going to my sister in law but she decided she was too busy to come to Christmas this year.  It has a key fob, a wallet, a photo album, a planner, a removable make up pouch, lipstick case with a mirror and two built in cosmetic sections 

Real looking fake alligator!  LOL.

I thought it was cool.  Look at all the stuff.  I can't remember what I paid for it though.

All you have to do is to leave me a message on this post and late Sunday I will draw a name using a random number generator.  The message should tell me what you are working on right now.

NO OUT OF THE US PLEASE!  I can't afford the postage sometimes!

How's that?  Maybe I should do two items and reward two lucky people.  OK.  Here is the second item.  This was also going to the same sister in law because she loves pigs, she had that Pot Bellied Pig that died in the hurricane.  I decided not to give this to her because of that horrible situation.

But I love  salt and pepper shakers like this.  They are so cute.  If you have chickens or pigs or chickens AND pigs this will grace your table nicely!

Again, no out of the US country posts.  And I will pick two lucky people.

If you don't do a post to win these things, I will be forced to send this cute pig and chicken to the Purple Cow where it will be put on a shelf and displayed for just anyone to come around and pick it up!  I want to know they will go to a good home.



  1. To post or not to post, that is the question! To be the number 1 is usually a non-winner in a give away. :)
    What am I working on? Pillowcases, I am working on pillowcases at the moment. :) And dog collars and such.

  2. I'm working on a new bag for myself! I'm not a pattern maker by anymeans and have only seen a few bags, but I'm struggling. It's really just a tote, like an LLBean boat and tote, but shorter. I want zip pockets on outside (but pleated so they are roomy) and some end pockets that are kinda "pouchy", but no zippers. I've got the handle figured out! It's all the darn layers that are giving me trouble!
    You'll love your tile Glen! I've got tile and hardwood everywhere and I love can be piled on, peed on and scratched up and still looks great!


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