Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Slow Cat and Fast Airplanes

She doesn't care....
Here is where I got to last night before I quit.  I could have gone further, but my eye was bothering me.  All that cat pee is really getting to me.  Stupid cat.  Soon we will have tile and you won't have a place to go in the bedroom!  She won't even go in the litter box I put right there!  Stupid cat.

Cali still has power though.  All three dogs and the cat were outside and I opened the door tonight and called them to dinner.  The dogs were pushing and jockeying for position to get in the door first.  Ahead of them all, the cat slowly stepped on the threshold, stretched one leg, then another, then the third and then the last.  She arched her back in a high stretch and THEN came inside.  No one dared go past her or push her out of the way!

Got a call from the nursing home, my mother has lost another 4 lbs.  Because they have had her on
megase for three cycles and she has not improved, they are not going to use it again.  They assigned her an aide to help her eat last year, and that keeps her focused on eating.  And every bite is fortified with as much as they can.  She still loses weight.  Now at 85 lbs there is not much more than bones.  I talked to AJ, who was Chief of Nursing at Earl K Long, which is our charity system for many years.  She says this is pretty typical of Alzheimers.  And with the seizures she is having it is just time now.

I have another airplane finished.  I don't know if you can see it or not, but I have sketched in some clouds.  The white layer will be the fluffy white clouds you see on a beautiful day at sea.  There is another cloud layer and then blue blue sky.  I am really loving these airplanes.  I guess I will turn the edges of the clouds under and set them on top of the next layer.  The white is from a purchase at the Purple Cow.  It was a set of double bed dust ruffles in a kid's room.  Bright red ruffles and this white was the part the mattress sat on.

I need to pull some fabric to see if I can put borders on or if it is just going to be plain.  Plain planes!  LOL.


  1. So sorry to hear about your Mom.

    The airplanes are cute and the clouds would add a nice touch!

    I could not deal with the cat pee.

  2. Having worked for years at an Alzheimer's facility in Ohio and then taking care of both my parents who had Alzheimer's and dementia, I am so sorry to hear that your Mom has Alzheimer's. While they share so many symptoms, each patient is individual and unique. Eating can be such a problem with them. I'm very sorry you are having to go through this.

    Cali, what a gal! I think all animals named Cali are just manipulative! My Cali was a greyhound and she ruled our home with an iron paw! She was the play police and used to put all the toys back in the toy box when she'd had enough of everyone playing!
    Please, give your Cali a hug from me!


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