Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Quilting

I got the back of the Halloween Quilt completed.  When Frank comes home I have three quilts that he can help me sandwich on the carport.  How do you do your big stuff?

And I was puttzing around with the extras from the Taking Names Quilt that I pattern tested.  These are the ones one of the participants did incorrectly and they turned out too small.  There are 12 of them and I figured they would make a pretty cool modern baby quilt.

Look what I found in there!

That would be a cool medallion for a grey and orange quilt.  That is my grey and white checkerboard.  I am not sure I want to use it for that, but it looks great.  I have other greys I can put there.  Maybe a more solid reading background would be better anyway.

I am waffling about what to work on next.  I have so much stuff to work on and I want to do so many things, I get overwhelmed and don't know what to do next!  So I decided to talk to you for a while!

OK.  I know what I am doing now.  I found this great quilt on the internet and fell in love.  But I could not find anything about who owned it, where it came from or if there was a pattern.  And I am usually pretty good about FBI work like that.  So I set out to make my own.  I decided I could make the airplanes two ways.  One was paperpiecing, which I love to do.  The other was to make a paper airplane out of material and stitch it on.  I decided on the paperpiecing after making several tries that didn't work with way #2.

Here is my first airplane.
Cool, huh?  This is some old fabric I bought to make Carrie a dress with when she was a babe, and never got around to it.  I may save it for her if she ever has a boy.  It is the kind of quilt she would like.  Maybe.

I have two other airplanes to make.  They soar across the sky.  I am thinking about putting some words in there too.  SOAR seems too trite.  Can you think of anything that would be really unique?

I may work all night on the other two!

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  1. I do like that checkerboard fabric for the background! That will get more of that stash used up!

    You know I have an 8' x 8' table that I lay my quilts out on for pin basting once I get it cleared off with all the stuff that seems to accumulate on it. My dad built it years ago and pin basting is so much easier!


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