Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Uptown Girl Completed

Whew!  I finished the Uptown Girl Purse today.

Outside shell
What took the longest was the idea I had about buying a purse at the Purple Cow for $1 and using the handles on this one.  It was a great idea but I broke two needles going through the Pleather.  It finally worked but I had to do one stitch at a time!

Inside lining
AND.....while I was putting the foamboard in the sleeve to use in the bottom of the bag, I dropped it right into the dog's water!  So it was a bit soggy when it went into the bottom of the finished bag.

Handles From Purple Cow
The pattern is in the McCall's Quilting Magazine from Nov/Dec 2010 and is by Jenn Chritiansen of the City Quilter   I guess the one in New York.

Finished Uptown Girl Bag
I would have done some things differently, but it was not difficult at all.  The pleats were easy to do actually, even though they make it look like a lot
of a deal.  And there are 4 pages of instructions but they are
mostly pictures.  The pictures really helped, but I am used to making bags and purses and am accustomed to garment sewing.

That, however, did not stop
Close handles on bag
Inside bag, it is big
me from failing to remember my ruler is 6 inches wide NOT 6
1/2 inches wide when I cut the bottom of the bag and lining out.  Needless to say, I had to back track, rip and take up half an inch on each side of the bag.

That houndstooth check makes it
look elegantly professional!
The purse had two short handles  rather than the longer handles to hook over your shoulder.  But it did have an extra piece that you could loop over the shoulder.  I put it on but am not sure it will stay.  Here it is hanging from the door knob by that longer handle.

I like it.  I also think it will make a good vet's bag for some certain cousin.  However, I really like it and it may not make it to her.  I will let you know.

Love that combination of black and white and orange polka dots!

This is a winner!


  1. I love how your bag turned out! Love the fabrics together, and the pleat is pretty cool looking.

  2. The bag looks great! Maybe if you make another one, it will go smoother! Great job on the 6 pounds lost!

  3. The houndstooth makes it look very classy and ......... Well, uptown. Nicely done


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