Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hump Day at LSU

I spent the morning at the Manship School  of Journalism whire the marketing class did their final presentation for the program they designed for CAAWS.  It was amazing to see articulate confident bright students  do what they still love doing.  I am sure some of them will become jaded over the years, but for now they are amazing.

I got there super early and snoozed with the uber-famous Mike the Tiger.  I was such a celebrity today that the parking space had my name on it!!!

I found the journalism building I had to find room 135, which one would think first floor and next to 134 and 136.  But no.  Must be part of the new math sys

tem of room numbering.  Finally, I found it.

The presentations were strong, the information and materials designed for CAAWS is marketable stuff.  We loved these guys!

Did I take a photo of our team??  What do you think?  I was so wrapped up in the accolades and the fact that I now had to cross campus in the driving rain, that I never pulled the ole camera out!

At home I had wild dogs who turned my huge glass of water over on my stack of quilt magazines.  I turned them out at the breaks between the downpours.

Diet?  Frank has lost over 10 lbs now, and I am at 6.  More importantly I have lost 3 inches from my midsection where I couldn't lose the fat in the ideal protein diet.  I can see the possibility of combining the two programs for optimal success.

So instead of eating croissants I will work on my Uptown Girl Purse!  And brew some Double Chai Tea with Rice Dream Milk and stevia for sweet!

Look at that, even Mike is smiling!



  1. I was at LSU when this Mike first arrived - he was two years old, very virile and very ticked off... his favorite thing was to wait til people got close to his cage, then turn and spray them... it was a big hit at graduation !! Perhaps he has mellowed by now...

  2. so what kind of diet are you doing to loose from the mid section? Good to have lost 3 inches there


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