Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Uptown Girl Purse - Got a Start....But Barely

quilting from the underside batting
I thought for sure when I left this morning for the Red Stick Shop that I would be coming home with a purse nearly completed.  Instead I have the bare beginnings.

front and back quilting
I cut out the pieces last night,  and must have gotten confused.  They say a few things differently and I interpreted them differently from what was meant.  In one place I cut only twi pieces rather than the four needed.

So even before that I left all my rulers and rotary cutters and pins on the table by the door.  A lot of good it does me to have the stuff ready and not take it.  It also included my rice crackers and fruit that were supposed to accompany my veggie/protein lunch.

And I left the extra fabric at home because I am learning to trust myself.  But I sure proved myself wrong this time!  LOL.

Front with a set of pleats
So here is where I got to.  It will be really nice.  If you recognize the fabric it is from the group that cousin Karen brought from her mother's stuff.  The vintage stuff.  I think I am going to have to change out the lining, this is too fragile for lining in a clunky big purse.

but I sure do like those polka dots with the houndstooth check!

But I did get a set of squedge rulers like the ones that Charlene taunted me with in January!  And I see a chunk ton of potential.

I am off to a crawfish boil tonight!

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