Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 1 - Creative Journal

This is my first 365 - Journal of Creativity Day.   Day 1.  The beginning!

The basic tenet is to stretch using Noah Scalin's suggestions and create something every day.  People who create things sometimes don't' feel creative.  This book gives you ideas, incentive and a kick in the get creative.

He asks that you follow only one rule:  That there is no rules!  LOL

We have a few people here who got the journal, some on their kindles, some got the regular book thing.  And we will gather about once a week and show some things we have done.  I need to figure out the linky thing and get that going.

I apologize, I have been at a CAAWS event at the Mall of Louisiana today, hot and hotter. So I am a bit behind.  I should have done this yesterday..............duh!

So, here is my Day 1 - start small.  It involved few tools.  An ice pick, which some can argue is not really a tool.  But it can be a tool or a weapon.  One of my father's friends was killed with an ice pick.  Every time I use mine, I think of him.  But I digress.

Tool = Ice pick.  OK.  And a hair elastic, can be a broken one even, because you will need to cut it.  And the cap of a bottle.  Any size.  Mine here is small.  Like a Dr. Pepper cap.  I love Dr. Pepper even though I rarely drink one.  And don't give me a diet one.....but again, I digress.

You also need a circle of some cute fabric that is like, three times as large as your cap.  Really unscientific.  And some cotton from a pill bottle, or some pillow stuffing or even some leftover batting.  Make a ball of the cotton and form the fabric circle over it and cover the ball.  Stitch closed at the bottom.  Make a circle of cotton!

Take your ice pick and make two holes in your bottle cap.  Not like this.  You can see I was a bit overzealous.  Luckliy I had another Dr. Pepper cap in my collection.

When you get the holes just right, and you can put them anywhere in the cap, feed the hair elastic though them with the loop on the outside and the ends making a knot to the center.

 Then get some glue and fill the cap about 1/3 full of a nice glue.  I used a glue gun for some of them, but they came loose.  This time I used E1000, which is a nice crafter's glue that came from Hobby Lobby.  If it sticks as well as it does on my fingers it will work just fine.

Push the fabric covered cotton into the cap and Viola! you have a pin cushion.

These can be any size actually, from small to large, fancy to silly. Dr. Pepper and paw prints!  What can be nicer than that?

I could have used this when I was quilting all those 71 Kangaroos.

SEVENTY ONE, do you hear me PattyA??????


  1. GMTA :-)

    Who woulda thunk that it was possible to make an even smaller pincushion than mine? Brava!

  2. Tres elegant! I have something in mind and especially since you said no rules. I want to start at # 1 and do one of Leah days 365 FMQ each day in chronological order. It may not go with your creative theme here but I will learn a great deal and since I just got my "dream machine" sweet sixteen handiquilter, I need the practice. Of course I need to figure out the reason my tension is all off though. Argh!!

  3. Landscapelady...Leah is awesome! I've been following her since about day 15! Good luck!

  4. That's a cute idea. Such creativity!


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