Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 8 - CAAWS and RAIN!

I had a CAAWS event today.

First we went to the Farmer's Market for eggplant, beets, huge tomatoes and honey.

Then I had to pick up granddog Hugeaux because his mom and daddy were at a concealed carry permit renewal all day.

Then it was on to the CAAWS event.  It was the Mash Dash for Wounded Warriors.  We needed to be downtown to set up near the end of the race.  We were to be the "petting is great therapy for soldiers" part of the event. So I figured two basset boys would be just the antidote for soldier stress.

Frank was reluctant to bring DiNozzo since he tosses his cookies as soon as we get in the car generally.  But I gave him some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, put him in my SUV and we headed out.  He did fine, not even drooling by the time we got downtown, which is quite a bit further than PetsMart.  It seemed to work well.

Photo: Blitz regrets to inform you that though he was looking forward to attending Wounded Warriors in downtown Baton Rouge today, the weather has decided to turn him into a drowned rat instead.  Blitz is very disappointed to have his Supporting Our Troops time rained on!
Wet Blitz
Then about 15 minutes into the event, the heaven's opened up.  Lightening! Thunder!  Buckets of rain collected on the tent top and poured down our backs as eight people and 12 dogs huddled under the tiny pop up tent.  Everything was getting wet!  No photos of course because of the 25 inches of rain that poured down on us in like 20 minutes.  Of course we were under these huge oak trees in between tall buildings under a metal frame tent.  Not where you want to be in a blinding storm!

McGee was not happy.  He decided it was all caused by a vivacious white dog with stand up ears, well one flopped over a bit, and would lift his lips ever time that dog got near him.  Frank took McGee out in the rain to go get the SUV, which made him vastly more unhappy since he does not like to get his tootsies wet in the morning dew even.

DiNozzo handled it like a trooper, since he didn't want to get back in the car anyway.  I gave him more Rescue Remedy for the ride home and he did fine there as well.

So, needless to say, I got nothing in the way of quilting or 365 done today.

I will double up tomorrow on the 365.  And maybe work on another Quilt Your Quilts in June piece.


  1. Sorry that the rain was a problem. You can feel free to send it to me, we could use it!

    Hugs to the dogs, esp. DiNozzo who did NOT hurl!! Good boy.

  2. Where do you get the meds for car sickness? My Jacques Joseph gets sick in the car.


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