Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rescue remedy

A couple people asked me about the Rescue Remedy.  I have used it for many years in my dog training business. It is a natural essence of five flowers.

Google Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.   I am on my iPad right now or I would go get the link for you.

It is also used in humans for things like anxiety, stage fright and has strong results on ADD problems.

For dogs (and people) who are not psychotic this is often just the thing needed to take the edge off.   Used it when Dutch was showing, he was very nervous.  I have used it on dogs who were so hyper in class that they could not listen and learn.

It worked for The Fabulous Bonnie Doon who became terrified of thunder in her later years.  Now it helps DiNozzo not get car sick.

I use it when I know I will have a tough CAAWS meeting, or if Frank pisses me off it helps me calm down and not kill him.

It is not expensive, I get it at whole foods or the health food store for about $12 for a bottle with a dropper.  It is concentrated.  I don't have a picture, I am not at home at the moment of posting.

I have recommended it for years to many of my clients!

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  1. I've tried Rescue Remedy many times on my greyhounds and I think I'd have to give them the entire bottle for it to work. And it doesn't work on me either.
    However, I have a friend who uses it on her dogs with huge success. And have heard of many folks using it successfully on their greyhounds.
    Have another friend who uses it on herself all the time, she swears by it.
    I guess me and my dogs just have to be the odds ones!!!


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