Monday, June 10, 2013

Design Wall Monday 6-10-13

What a day!  Already? you ask.  Yes, I reply, already.

I was going
to post the Design wall early and get in on the beginning of things, but at 5 AM Frank woke me up from a sound sleep saying he needed to go to the Emergency Room because he was having another kidney stone.

Well, that wakes you up pretty quickly.

I did the test for appendicitis, determined it was not that, and knew if it was kidney stones we would be there most of the day.  He wasn't going to die immediately and I had time.  I fed the dogs, washed my hair, cancelled my dentist appointment, cancelled my lunch engagement, took the dogs to the corner and came back to get him.

A Judy Original!
He was all dressed in his work day clothes with his keys in hand and his black folder.  He looked for all he was worth to be heading out to work.  I was confused.  Had I dreamed all this?

He went to the bathroom and felt better.  I could have killed him.

I got the dentist back, and the lunch.  I have not heard from him so far, I imagine he is not dead alongside the road somewhere.  Assuming someone would call me if they found him.

And back from my dentist appt, the house is 85 degrees and the outside is 82.  I am thinking the A/C has breathed its last.  It is only 31 years old.  And I couldn't reach him on his cell when I called.  So maybe he is dead and I can use the insurance money to buy a new A/C.

This was Cindy's
 I can't find the other picture
I am working on my Quilt Your Quilts Challenge and have two quilts ready to be worked on today.  Not sure how much work I will get done in the heat.  The fan has not stopped cycling.  Fun.

And no telling where he is today.  It could be Mississippi for all I know.

I call the yellow quilt African Women because of the border that is not in this picture.  Blue.  African women, of course.

Whooooo it is quite hot.

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  1. Girl friend, my house is cool! So think I will stay here.


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