Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stash Report 6-9-13

We start the 365 Creative Journal in 6 Days, come jump on board with us and learn the creativity you thought you had forgotten!  Check out Noah Scalin's book:  365:  Make Something Every Day and Change Your Live!  You know we will have fun!

I did finish the quilting on one of my baby quilts.  I need to bind it now.  But I will declare the fabric this day and declare the binding during the week.  I have the need to declare something! LOL

I think I still have some of that stripe to make for that binding.

And I also made my offering for the Fiber Group this week.  The theme there is Movement.  I had all these great and wonderful ideas, but I tried to poke my eye out and had the house in turmoil from the tile, so they didn't get done.

True story.  I was sitting in my really messy quilting room, trying to thing of how to depict motion in a quilt and the box of zippers fell off the shelf on to my head.

Well, zippers move, don't they?

I used four of the zippers on a duck type of material.  It was wonderful to work with even though it was heavier than the usual quilting cotton I work with on everything else.  I don't know where i got this even.  It was just there on the shelf.

I wanted the zippers to open and reveal something and I knew it had to be colorful.  I dug through my Orphan Block Box and came up with an oversized block I made about 6 or 7 years ago.  Don't remember why I made just one, but I remember making it!  I loved the colors but didn't' have any more to make the rest of the quilt.  It was just a big basic star.

So that lives as the middle layer of the piece.  You can see it in sections through the open zippers!

Different.  I like it.  And it moves!  I went for literal this time.

So my stash report went the right way for a change!  Down!

used this week -3
Used June -3
added this week 0
added June 4
used YTD -55.83
added YTD 38
stash reduction -17.83


  1. What a great idea! I love the surprise behind the zippers!

  2. I love it. Didn't you use 5 zippers?


    1. Oh,yeah, there is that white one I didn't see there!

  3. Well, you have been busy between quilting and washing dogs!


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