Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Great Bumble Bee Attack of 2013

That is how we will remember this day forever forward.

We had an eventful Bath Day.  Very eventful.

I assembled the bath paraphernalia on the bathing stone (cement bench which serves as a "dam" in the Japanese Pond {which is rocks})  LOL.  You gotta live here to understand it all!

I have a special whitening shampoo for McGee.  When I was showing Dutch, I used it on his white parts and he gleamed bright white in the ring.  It has a blue in it that makes the white hair just glow!  The other two got a Nature's Miracle shampoo that has baking soda and oatmeal to help them not smell like funky bassets......if that is possible.

Here are Chloe and McGee trying to look like good dogs so they will not get bathed.  Not a chance, everyone is going under the hose today, people!

Chloe tried hiding out by the daisies, trying to blend in and look inconspicuous.  It is not working, my girl.  You will get a bath.
Dutch was the only one who really liked to be bathed.  He was my really good dog and I miss him so much.

Here is McGee on the Bathing Bench and Chloe is laughing at him.  He seems oblivious to what is about to happen.  I thought they must be cooking something up, and they were.  Chloe went into the far back parts of the yard and roots up a bumble bee's nest.  They attack her just as I am putting the first water on the first boy.

She races across the yard, dropping every few steps and trying to dislodge the huge bee stinging her.  From 20 feet away I could see the bright yellow and black stripes on the creature.  And it kept hitting her and hitting her with its stinger all about the ears and neck.

This is how much he loves his dog......Frank, who is highly allergic to bees, rushes over and swats it from her head where it is stinging her ears.  She is crying and crying.  I have never been stung by a bumble bee, but wasps and bees do hurt a lot.  The boy gets a reprieve from the water and I took Chloe inside and got her some benedryl.

I don't know what McGee was doing
here with his leg,
 they were all in such fast motion.
For future reference, if you need to prevent an allergic reaction in your otherwise healthy dog, the formula is 1 mg per pound of dog.  So Chloe is roughly 50 lbs and the benedryl is 25 mg tabs so I gave her two pink tabs in a pill pocket.  She was still whining in a low voice, but food did get her interest.

She got moved to the back of the list.

After every one got their baths, including Chloe, they raced around the yard, occasionally dropping to roll in something.  I gave up trying to towel them off.
 I got some great pictures of flying basset ears!  It was pretty hard to even get one in a shot frame as they whooshed by.  Man they are fast.  One would think short thick legs would not be fast, but they sure are!

This is the best I got of McGee, he is the shortest and the fastest of them all!

Chloe even forgot about the bee stings long enough to race for a while.  I can't say they are still clean after all that rubbing in the dirt and who knows what else after the bath, but they do smell better.

And McGee shines like the sun on a glorious day! And now they are all tuckered out, partially dry and for some reason, sleeping on the sofa............aughh!

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