Friday, June 7, 2013

Quilt Work

I actually got something done! Yeah!

Frank was home doing some reports today and he helped me sandwich 2 quilts for quilting.  That will get me started while I get the other three some backing.  I have it, just not pieced together in the right dimensions!

I have no idea how I will quilt the Africa piece.  The baby quilt will be very modern quilting.  Maybe I will play with it a bit.  And I have Soar! to find a back for still.  That one would need lots of air currents, it should be fun to quilt.

And I have a quilt on the frame, that needs to be quilted.  I was having problems with my tension on the machine and was frustrated with it.  It has been siting idle for some time now with only a small strip of it quilted.

If I can get the thing working I can get a couple of the smaller ones done.

Here is what I finished today:
 So this is 30 x 35 and the inches total  1050.

I am on the board.

Here is a cute photo of McGee.  They will lay on anything, he actually moved the food bowl and is laying on the mat I bought so the bowls won't slip!  Too funny!

And here is the CAAWS Raffle Quilt Puppies hanging in the Jones Creek Library.  It will be traveling around to various events in the next few weeks.

If you want raffle tickets, benefits CAAWS Spay and Neuter Programs, there are no paid employees, we are all volunteers, go to and click on the quilt.  You will need to send a check with your printed form.

Thanks, the animals appreciate it!

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  1. Love your kitchen floor! Is that brick or linoleum? Either way, it looks great. I have one dog that will lay on anything that falls on the floor. He's like a cat when it comes to boxes! He will try to fit in a shoe box (he's a boxer!) LOL, he is hilarious.
    Think that quilt is cute and so glad to know quilting people like you that support animals and fight for their welfare. Our local Freedom Fences group is in Louisiana right now helping the local HART group put up fences to unchain 63 dogs this week! I'm so proud of both groups. I wish I could have gone with them but I couldn't get off work.


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