Thursday, June 27, 2013

Downloading - Anyone have an easy way to get overdrive books to an iPod?

Yep, downloading.  Sounds computery, right?  Actually it is.

I have this brilliant idea that I want to get Overdrive books on my iPod.  I specifically bought this iPod at Christmas for myself to have books to listen to.  I have tried several things with CDs and when I am working on the long arm I cannot hear them over the noise of the machine.  So I was thinking that by putting them on my iPod I could have the volume right in my ears drowning out the machine sound, rather than the other way around.

I spent Tuesday attempting to put an Overdrive book on the iPod -- with zero success.  The people

at the library don't even know!

This say it all........
Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII
Then I had the brilliant idea of getting a CD book, putting it on the computer and downloading it to the iPod.  Frank does this all the time with his music.

Of course, when I asked him to help, he said he did not know how to do it and left for 3 days.

So I painstakingly downloaded 11 CDs to my computer.  The first 4 had a huge learning curve.  The last 7 were just plain hard.  The last two, 10 and 11, put themselves randomly on the iPod mixed within the songs.  That was fun.  I have no idea if they are even in the correct order.

I think I found them all, and I think they are all on the iPod.  I just really no longer care if I listen to that book......

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  1. I check out audiobooks from my library using overdrive and put them on my iphone (should be like the ipod) to listen to. I do it using the overdrive download manager software (which is a free download from my library) and then plug in my iphone. Then I click the button at the top that says "transfer" and as long as your ipod is plugged in (and itunes is open-you don't need itunes directly but it does have to be open in my experience), and you don't have any other USB/SD devices plugged in, you can follow the prompts and it will transfer the audiobook to your ipod. I love listening to audiobooks and especially when I can check them out from the library. I used to do the cds like you did (and put them on the iphone) but it was a pain!

  2. I don't listen to books so I am absolutely no help!

  3. If your iPod can get online by itself you could Download directly. The overdrive around here never has much available so I usually go to the library and check out the CDs and put them into my computer into iTunes. Once there you can download to your iPod. Sometimes they do not go in in order though

  4. I listen to all sorts of books on my ipod. First they need to be in a folder on your computer. I use Itunes to pick up the folder and download onto my ipod. I have found problems with discs. You will need to make sure they are named in the order you want them to read. But having said that itunes can be a law unto itself. I often find they shuffle them. Make sure your ipod isn't on shuffle and make sure the discs in the folder are in the correct order and have come down into itunes in the correct order. If not you need to do a sort before you download. This probably isn't a lot of help I can do it better than I can explain.


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