Thursday, June 20, 2013

Inches Alert!

I have an inches alert for you n the Quilt Your Quilt in June Challenge I am having here.  The plan is to dig out your UFO tops and get them quilted!  Even if you don't get the most inches quilted you still win.  You get some of your quilts out of the box in the corner of your room and done?  What a win!!!

To play quilt your quilt and trim it up.  figure the length and width, multiply them together to ge the square inches.  Keep teack of the square inches you quilt in June.  So far I have this I have reported to you:

Halloween Runners (2).                  864
Baby Squares.                               1050.          
Buggy Barn Dogs.    63x42          2646.                Total to here:    4560

New quilts completed:
Dino's.   39x58.                             2262
Kangaroos    89.5x89.5.                8010

Here is the incredible total of the whole shebang:    14585 !!!!!!

That literally was 5 quilts that were on the floor, in a box, in the corner of my room.  Now, don't think that these are the ONLY ones there, there are more, LOL.

And there is this, we have 10 more days left in June.   Even if you don't want to report to the world you can still accomplish something.   Take advantage of those 10 wonderful days and clear out some of that box in the corner.  It feels great!


  1. WOW that's a lot of quilting. :D Must feel good!!

  2. Your are smashing me now! Since I feel so crappy I plan on staying home all weekend except to go to a family dinner on Saturday. While at home it will be quilting time!


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