Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Knitting.......Wasn't a Total Disaster

Well, I found something out about myself.

I am a klutz and can't remember 5 seconds from the past.  That was determined in this knitting class last night.  I had to concentrate REALLY hard to keep the knit two purl two rhythm going.  If I listened to the soft banter around me, I lost what I was doing.

And I kept forgetting to flip the yarn over and thus would end up with an extra stitch on each side.

And don't laugh.  This is two hours of hard, back breaking, labor intensive, thoughtful work.  I have to go home and go to bed.
So in 4 weeks this:

Will become a pair of socks.

Do you want to lay money on it?


  1. I am back. I had to go home yesterday because my teeth hurt so bad. I didn't get a chance to catch up reading from the weekend. Are the socks part of your 365 days project? I am already behind on mine, but I did start this morning and I will post my project. Do you have a theme? And how many square inches are you up to? I got another baby quilt done so I am now at 9,210.

  2. Hello I am a new reader, and I love the colors of the yarn. Are you knitting baby socks because that is the tiniest little knitting needle ever! I tried knitting class - I made it through three classes before I gave up and took up embroidery instead. Good luck!

  3. Hang in there with the socks -- the first pair I knit were a hot mess but I got the hang of it and now I have a whole drawer full of hand knit socks. It is hard to knit and follow the conversation when you are just beginning, but it gets easier and you will find you can knit a plain sock and talk with ease.

  4. Slow and steady. It can be a little disheartening to see what looks like little progress, but before you know it there will be a sock. It takes time, especially when you're learning something new.

  5. I am knitting my first socks too....taking forever!

  6. Just persevere! The first sock is the hardest - once you get one done you'll be off and running (wearing only one sock until you get the other done) :-)

  7. Ok, Glen, I know you can get this. I have been knitting since I was in elementary school and I am a total klutz. Of course, I would never start out with a pair of socks!
    I do a lot of knitting for charity and when we travel my knitting bag is the first thing that goes in the truck. I have made several cap and bootie sets for preemies and can do them without looking so I can enjoy the scenery while riding.
    Kitty Momma


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