Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 4 - 365 Take a walk

I made some changes in my Day 4, but I think you will like them.

I knew there was not much fabric laying out in the world, so I made a lab face like I did Chloe's face the other day.  I am loving it!

And down the street is a friend of mine who has two labs and a hound of some sort.  Her labs are True and Lark and the rescue girl is Maji.  Must have been found around Christmas!

I found a nice lab head and did my thread painting.  And put a hanger on it.  It turned out to be about 7 by 9, which is a really neat size.  I still need to get more confidence and add some additional shading in there.  But that will come with time I am sure.

Her house has some trees I hope to hang this on in her front yard.  They do several walks each day with the three dogs and I am pretty sure she will know it was me who put it there.

Unless she has some other doggy, quilty friends!

Off to see if I can slip it into her tree without her knowing.

I really didn't have a whole lot of time to place it, her dogs started barking the minute I walked by.  All three of them!

So I was hoping she was not home.  I can see her driving up the driveway, something catches her eye!  And she backs up to look.

Whoa!  A dog!  How cool!


  1. Nice! I've been meaning to tell you I like your new blog header!

  2. You are developing great technique with these pieces. I'm sure your neighbor is going to love it.

  3. This walk around has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I was planning on doing something with the pothole in front of my driveway and making some art for the guys when then come to fill it, but I could not find my chalk. If they haven't fill it by tonight I will then continue with my plan after I find a piece of chalk. Your piece for your neighbor is so fun and hanging in her tree is a great idea!

  4. You could make a quilt with various doggie faces and do your raffle for your animal shelter. :o)

  5. What wonderful random act of kindness! , and the karma will turn around and grant you much sucess with your new found talent of dog head thread sketching. You are good at this!


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