Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Convert to 365! Welcome!

I may have gotten some converts from my quilt guild last night.  I showed them3 of my days and told them about the Day 4 Walk About.  My friend Caroline devoured my book and then went home and ordered her own at midnight!  LOL

She was so excited she jumped right on the band wagon and completed Day 1 and emailed me this morning asking what Day 2 was!

Caroline is an accomplished artist and has taught Art in the public schools for all her career.  She gave me a wonderful painting of Chloe after she took a course on painting animals in watercolor.  It is one of the best animal portraits I have ever seen!

Here is her Day 1 - Small Piece.  It is a hotel key card that came home with them from their trip to Boston.  They stayed in the same block as the Boston Bombing.  Out touring the countryside while the Marathon was being run, they were unable to get back to their hotel for a few days.  Now that is a story to tell!

You go Caroline, I can't wait to see what you bring with your creativity and love of art.  I knew this would thrill you!

Meanwhile, I am gutting my sewing room, contemplating new shelves, wondering how I could have so many pony tail ties when my hair is so short................

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