Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mystery Quilt - NumberTwo

I am in charge of the mystery quilt for River City Guild.  Four or five years now.  This year is a large fun piece that has a lot of odd blocks that fit together for a dramatic reveal.  When I set everything out to continue working on it yesterday, I couldn't find the instructions.  Or where I had left off.  So I attempted to print out a set to keep in my project bag.  Which is where they should have been anyway.

But the network was off and the computer would not connect to the printer and print anything.  I gave up.  This morning when I went to pick up my emails, 14 sheets of instructions came pumping out!  Now I am literally knee deep in paper!

I did one quilt to test the pattern before I made my copies for the guild.  And now I am doing a second one.  This one I totally adore.  The first one, which I also love, will probably go to Cousin Karen for Christmas.  It is one that looks like her!    

LOL.  Not the "large" part if you are reading this, dear cousin, but definitely the fun part!

So I really can't show you either one right now.  I can show it to you if you hang around until the November meeting.  That is when we show them off and give prizes to the best looking ones.

I am going to work on this one, because then I will have two to put up in the Quilt Your Quilt Challenge for June.

And only 14 more days to the 365 Creative Journal begins!  I can't wait.  April is on board with us now!  Way, way exciting!  She is going to share the creativity with her kids.  If you go into the 365 Blog where Noah shares what others are doing with their 365 Creative Journals, you will see that a lot of young mothers are sharing the project with their kids.

glen:  think about it, becoming more creative means developing confidence, initiative, thinking skills, and a love for art.

I wish I could have lunch with PattyA and Anne In The Desert today.  I feel like smoozing with my creative friends!


  1. Oh post the instructions on your blog! I love quilts that become something special as a whole...not just a bunch of the same block over and over and over....

  2. I wish I could have lunch with you too! Maybe a virtual lunch will have to do. I am having brown rice and mushrooms for lunch today and for dessert - dates. What day does the creative journal begin? Maybe I will have to squeeze that in.


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