Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Soar! Top Is Done

I made gumbo from the turkey carcass from the weekend.  Yesterday I split the 24 lb turkey carcass in half and boiled up two dutch ovens full of turkey broth.  This morning I skimmed the fat from one of them and made a gumbo using some wheat flour for roux.

I wanted to experiment with some other flour I bought that is not wheat, but I didn't want to compromise the gumbo for a little wheat flour.  So I went ahead and did it.  It will be the first wheat I have had in the 9 weeks!

15 Days till the 365 Creative Journal begins!  Get your journal and join us.  It will change your life!  Noah doesn't lie!

To complete the top for Soar! I needed to put the water to the white cloud, the white cloud to the grey cloud and the grey to the blue sky.  The water to the white was a very easy straight line.  I have been thinking about how to do the clouds for weeks now.

I finally decided to use freezer paper, of which I had none.  Quick trip to the grocery to get freezer
paper resulted in $50 of groceries.  But I did find some interesting apriclums.  They are apricots and plums bred together.  I thought they were pluots but the tag said apriclums.  They were very ripe and very good!

I cut the freezer paper to match the curves in the clouds and used Elmer's gel glue to turn the edges over the freezer paper.  I made sure to clip the curves so the ease would be taken up in overlap.

I used my tiny mini iron to heat the glue and make things stick.  After I was finished I had to wash my table, my mini iron and myself because we were all covered in glue.

I then used the zig zag stitch to make the white cloud stick to the grey and the grey to the sky.

When it all went together finally it was like a relief to know it actually worked.

I figure like this:  some quilters can make traditional or modern quilts, but I make unusual quilts!

Now I can quilt the air currents and beat the pants off PattyA in the inches department of Quilt Your Quilts in June Challenge!

Get out some of your quilts that need quilting, see how many you can get done.  Whatever you do, it will be a winner!

Let me go kill some bassets......they are barking in tandem over a ball with feet that that both want to possess.

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  1. How big is this piece? I have freezer paper in my studio always. I press fabric to it for labels. The freezer paper make it easier to write on the fabric. I didn't get much quilting done last evening, but slow and steady will win the Quilt Your Quilts challenge!


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