Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pointer Pups and Nosey Dogs

I forgot to measure the Pointer Pups to get the square inches.  Oh, wait, I hear McGee in my bedroom and strange noises emanating.......never a good thing.

A box, he was after a box in the closet.  Now he is properly ensconced in 
Always into something......
his bed in the living room and can do no more evil for the next five minutes.

OK.  The Pointer Pups measures 63 x 42 so the square inches equal up to 2646. 

That gives me a total of 4560 so far.

I have two others ready to go, maybe this afternoon.  I have no idea how to do the 2013 Down Under Mystery Quilt and I can't show it to you for suggestions even.  They still are in the dark about how the various blocks are going together.  That is so good, I love a great Mystery!


  1. You are just a quilting fool!! I'll have to see what is easy for me to quilt and maybe, just maybe I'll join in for a bit and see what happens. :)

  2. You are beating me by 208 square inches! OH NO! I must get some more quilting done!


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