Thursday, June 13, 2013

Worthless Work Day Wednesday to Totally Tuned In Thursday

Pretty much.  We had our CAAWS Board meeting last night and I spent all day getting the financial  info together, printing out the minutes from April, the agenda, the dog and cat committee reports, the Pet Touch Therapy reports and the design for the t-shirt the dog people want to sell.  I put it into the Meeting Packet along with my financials and hole punched everything.

These "important and smart" people refuse to keep their stuff together unless I babysit them.  You know how that goes.  I try.

So consequently, I got nothing done in the way of quilting or sewing.

Last night I retrieved my Cotton Robin block from the mail box.  It went to California, to England and back to California and came home to me in the most incredible little quilt!  I can't show it to you just yet, but wait.  The Big Reveal will come soon.  You really MUST join me and Anne of the Desert next time Julie does this.  My random little orphan block was literally transformed into a show stopper!

At the Vineyard Gallery

This morning I had an appt with my incredibly wonderful and beautiful hair stylist, so now I am brightly red again.  Shhhhh.........only Miss Clairol know for sure!  Unfortunately, I am nearly white under all that red.  My mother was heavy salt and pepper her late 30's and all grey in her 40's.  At least I waited till my 50's to totally grey out.  But now I am a happy red.  And once it gets a bit longer and I no longer look like Prince Valiant, I will be really really happy.

So I have to trim the edges of the dogs and put a black binding on it.  And claim the yardage on my Stash Reduction sheet.  That sheet will be blazing this week to make up for the lackadaisical last few months.

Two things to remind you about:

1.  Only 2 more days to the 365:  Creative Journal Kick Off - we will start with Day 1 of your journal.  The next day will be day 2.  That will be followed by Day 3.  I thought that was easier than jumping around and randomly calling out Days.  Which would be interesting but I don't want to miss a day and have you non-creative that day because of me!

I have talked it out with several people and ultimately decided to keep the 365 on this blog for the time being.  I post daily anyway unless I am ill or out of town, and then I try to leave you with a post so no one will know I am gone and come rob my house.  And you know where to find me here at Quilts and Dogs.  I need to work out the linky thing so you can post your work like we do on Nina-Marie's Creations Off the Wall Fridays.

What I have been quilting with
2.  There is a current challenge to Quilt Your Quilts in June!  Pull out those UFO tops and sandwich those suckers and get them quilted.  Once they are quilted trim them to where they should be and take a measurement.  Length x Width = Square Inches  ( now don't go measuring things you shouldn't!)  (Oh, my.  Like your waist, get your mind out of the gutter!)

And keep a running total of your inches this month.  I have a nice prize for the top place inches. And maybe a booby prize for the least! LOL.  That ought to get Anne of the Desert's attention, huh?

Remember, anything you do will be one less quilt top in your box.  And don't worry about the long armers, I have not done one of mine yet with a long arm and neither has PattyA, who will be smashed in this competition by my little quilts............ whahhhhh ha ha ha ha!

Join us.  You know you want to!

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  1. Cannot wait to see your Cotton Robin quilt! Actually I'm anxious to see everyones! I have had a blast, pushed myself out of my comfort zone since I'd never done a pieced border before! I can't wait until the next one!

    Darling cockatiel I've had many of those little creatures!

    Hum, I do have a ton of wall hangings that need quilted... I'll think on it for a minute or two! :)


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