Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Buggy Barn Dogs

I need to call them something else but that has described them for a long time now.  Pointer Pups, maybe.

I saw a quilting design on one of the modern quilts and thought to copy it.  I snapped the photo into my iPad and used it to practice on some pads of paper.  When I was comfortable with the design, I sat at the machine.  Bam, busted a needle.

I didn't have a needle for that machine so I used a Schmetz Universal.  Hey, doesn't work.  After 4 frustrating attempts, changing thread, changing bobbin, changing the feet, I gave up and brought out my Husqvarna from the sewing room.

Here is one of the dogs yet to be sandwiched.

I did wide double loops all over in a random pattern.  After I finished, I looked at the picture and saw where the quilter had put three of these loopies in a group so that it looked sort of like a flower or leaves.

Oh well, I like the really modern look of the quilting.  It matches perfectly with the modern colors and the modern dogs.

If you want to try the double loopies, definitely practice first.  After all the frustration with the needle, I found I forgot to look at which direction I started the looping.  It matters because you come out of the loops headed to an already quilted area or an open area.  So about half way through I began stopping and thinking about which way I needed to go.  It was a good lesson.

I guess Buggy Barn is not really modern, go with me here.

One thing I did not do is to take the whole quilt picture for Anne of the Desert.

Give me a sec here...........ok, here ya go!  I am thinking black binding.


  1. Cute, cute and cute! I agree, black binding will work well. :) I like the loopy quilting too. :)

  2. The only quilting class I ever took was from Shirley Stutz on free motion machine quilting. She recommended using a topstitching needle for free motion quilting. It is sharp and has a longer eye so the thread won't shred. I found a good deal on topstitching and bought them in bulk since I go thru so many. The quilt is very cute! Nice job on the quilting! I had better get crack-a-lackin' on my quilting! You are cranking them out!

  3. Pointer pups is a good name - they're cute and very modern looking. The loops remind me of coffee beans. Maybe the pups are pointing the way to Starbucks?


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