Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cool? When Was I Never Cool?

I am so cool!  Literally and figuratively!

Fan motor was replaced, cost the equivalent of 4 king sized quilts.  But, I am happy to have my cool back once again.  Last night Frank set up the old window unit that came from his father's camp. The camp was destroyed in Hurricane Betsy in 1964 so that thing is about 50 years old.  It runs like a charm!  And it kept us cool last night in the den.

And I did get some stuff done yesterday.  I am working hard on the QUILT YOUR QUILTS CHALLENGE!  Just this morning, there are two Halloween Table Runners put together, quilted and bound the leftovers from my Halloween quilt. They measure 36 x 12 each so that is 864 square inches.

Added to the inches from the baby squares......oh, man I need a calculator and something to write on.........1914 total of the three.

And I have one ready to have Frank help me sandwich tonight.  Meanwhile I will be putting the binding on the Wizard of Oz quilt.  I did a basic meander on it with some gold thread.  It looks fabulous.  I thought it was larger but it is really a kid's quilt.  That is how long it has been in the To Be Quilted Box!

The one I will sandwich tonight (Oh, I need to get some of the 2 inch tape, that means a road trip!) is the Buggy Barn Dogs in Red/Black and Turquoise!  It is a favorite and I know just how I will quilt it.

See, if it wasn't for that PattyA girl egging me on, I would not have gotten any of these things done!  Can you get a few done this month?  Try it and let us know how many inches you get done.


  1. Love the table runners! Think your dog like the Wizard of Oz quilt!!
    Would like to see the whole Buggy Barn Dogs quilts, looks like a fun quilt!

  2. Glad to see you are trying to give me some competition! Keep it up! Once I get the yellow and gray quilt done I have some baby quilts that I will use my normal all over quilting design which will go faster. Faster equals more square inches done!


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