Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What is Healthier --- Soy Milk or Almond Milk?

I thought this was interesting.  I am not selling anything, but this is a Health Minute!  LOL>

Prevention Magazine broke it down and here are the results:

Actually it is easier if you just go to the page.  It is safe.

Click here

Hey, that is what I drink!  Good for me too!

Soy is so controversial because it plays a part in the female hormones.  Some studies have shown that it increases the estrogen based cancers.  I avoid it if I can.

I bought a three pack of the milk at Sam's cheaper than it costs for 2 at Walmart.  So I froze two of them.  It took 4 days to defrost, and I had to whip it in shape in the blender for it to go back together.  It tastes fine, and I will do it again.  But it was definitely different from freezing cow's milk.

I like the vanilla flavor but I usually get the original with no sweeteners.  Does away with any sugars since I am staying off sugars as well as wheat and soy and dairy.


  1. I use the almond milk - I think it is better and it has a lot of calcium in it. I don't drink regular milk - upsets the stomach - vanilla low fat almond milk is only 30 calories a cup

  2. I have also switched from soy to almond milk for the same reason. I use to eat a lot of edamame - I love edamame - but not anymore. I buy the original for my smoothies, but I splurge on the dark chocolate once in awhile for a treat.

  3. I was so excited to find almond milk at Sam's Club ... and so disappointed that they only have the sweetened version. Lately, i've been using unsweetened almond-coconut milk in my coffee (Blue Diamond's Almond Breeze).

    Have you tried making your own? I've tried making almond milk and also, brown rice milk. I think I'd have to make a lot more to come up with something I liked as much as the commercial varieties.

  4. Milk is gross. :) I avoid it in any form. :) Unless it's in a Pina Colada.


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