Monday, June 17, 2013

This Is a Bad Bad Thing and Day 3 of 365

Day 3 is not bad, but what I am doing tonight is!  LOL.  I am starting a sock knitting group here in town.  Aughhhhhhh!  Do I need another thing to do?  NO, but I am dying to make socks for some stupid reason.  All this talk in blogland about socks, and I want to make some.  I have this crazy vision of making a pair for everyone I know.............yeah, right.  I will be lucky to make this one pair!  So don't hold your breath!

I think I have worked out the linking thing, I will get that done, most probably tomorrow.

I was reading a blog of someone who is creating a sketch of something she bought that day for her 365.  She is nearly finished with her year and looks forward to a second year.  She says, I thought I would tire of this thing by about 3 months, and here I am in YEAR TWO!

Day 3 of the 365: Journal of Creativity was an interesting challenge.  Here is my result.  When I was making the Soar! Quilt's airplanes I folded up a couple of sheets of computer paper, we used to call it typing paper.  I took pictures of it and printed them out.  Really what I did was nearly like Chloe's head yesterday and the kangaroo.  I drew the lines from the 2D piece and made a paperpiecing pattern out of it.  Here are the paper airplane and the quilt block.

I am rethinking the
chevrons for a border,
what do you think?
My Design Wall has a couple of things on it.  One, the Soar! quilt needs to be trimmed and sandwiched.  Meanwhile I have the large Kangaroo quilt that needs to be trimmed and the binding put on.  That one should get counted this week, both in the Stash Report and the Quilt Your Quilts In June Challenge numbers.  Right now, PattyA and I are running neck and neck and I need a powerhouse swing to run her over!

The other thing that needs to be done is the cleaning out of my room.  Frank says there are some large boxes in the garage I can have.  I will place my stuff in those boxes and clear a way so I can re-align the shelving in the room   I wanted cute before, now I want functional.  I can use the existing boards but I need the shelving brackets.  I can get that at the hardware store this week and have my dear hubby put it up next weekend.

Yes, that is the plan.....for now.  Socks and shelves.  And smashing PattyA!


  1. Hey what is your total? Don't be bragging about smashing me until you publish your number! I am up to 7,863 square inches!

  2. Cool, paper airplane! That one never never crossed my mind!

  3. I'm liking the chevrons


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