Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day To all the Guys Out There

Carrie came over and we had lunch at Jones Creek Cafe, a really nice seafood restaurant/bar/patio/sports bar.  We sat in the Cafe side and were not involved in all the baseball
Father's Day Carrie's House
hype.  I am not a sports fan so that was perfectly fine with me.  Frank is not a huge sports fan, and that is perfectly fine with me too.

Then we went to Carrie and Andrew's house to meet up with his dad/mom and Uncle Paul/Aunt (I never remember that woman's name, it is very very Cajun).

And Andrew burned some boudin and andouille sausages and then cooked some really nice sirloins for everyone.

I always see the best skies on the way home from Carrie's house.  She lives in the far outreaches of the area and we live near the edge of the city.  So you have to go through some open country roads between us.  There are always great shots of setting suns.

This is what we saw hovering over the trees!


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  1. You nut!

    I found the fabric BTW....not sure how I COULDN'T have when I first looked.


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