Monday, July 1, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 7-1-13

Well, Happy July everyone!  Carrie's birthday was this weekend, go to my Fabric 365 Blog and see the miniature book I made for her!  Fabric 365 is where I am doing the 365: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life book with my subject as fabric, obviously. It is designed to spark creativity and I must say that I am certainly sparked!  LOL.

This week on my design wall are two things I need to approach.  One is the Betty Alofs photo quilt of my house.  I took the class from the fabulous lady about 4 years ago now. and it needs to be quilted.  It needs free motion special quilting and I am afraid I will ruin it, you know how that goes!

And the other is a project I need to complete, just because.  It is from this year and I love it, but it needs to be finished.  It is about 3/4 done.  Maybe I will actually have time this week to work on it.

I have made tremendous headway on clearing out my "junk room" that is my quilt studio.  I got a number of large boxes and put a large amount of stuff in them.  Now I am able to work, if I remember that I need to PUT STUFF AWAY!

I still need to work on it a lot more, and am thinking of ways to get more storage.  I do, of course have a lot of stuff in boxes............


  1. Hum.... clean the studio? But why? although I must admit I have been spending more time cleaning then sewing recently!

  2. Would love to see your house quilt! I ran a challenge in my guild a few years ago where we made "slice house" quilts from photos of our houses, and I agree, the quilting can be intimidating. But maybe we can give you some ideas if you show it to us!


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