Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dog raffle quilt

To answer questions,

I want it larger, but if worst comes to worst, i can just let it go like this and it could be for a little girl.  I really wanted it more lap size than this.

I don't have any more of the bones, and I am sure they are out of print by now.

I do have a bit of the white paws.  Let me go measure it..............

12 triangles about 11 inches on long side
1 strip 6 inches. WOF
2    4x8 pieces
4 triangles 6 inches on long sides
2   Squares 8 x8

Some tiny bit of the pink

And the back with the dog squares.  That odd fabric of dog squares.

I like the idea of the purple.  Lynne Roddy Brown, famous scrap quilter, says that purple will pull anything together!

If I have a chance I may go to the quilt shop and see what is happening there.

I still can't figure out why the stupid (no, actually mean it this time) STUPID keyboard keeps bringing up windows and UNDOing my typing all the time. I really DO hate this keyboard!

Aughhhhhh! I screamed loud at it last night.  I can type three or five letters and I get the UNDO window..

And hopefully Frank will remember to bring home the avocado I asked him for this morning........

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