Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GSMDCA Raffle Quilt -- Help!

Here is my doggy raffle quilt.  I am having a problem making it larger.  I put the black strip on top and bottom.  Then I added another strip of bones.  Now it is about 42 by 57.  I don't really like it but it was a kit and it was half price and it was dogs.

I do have more of the dog fabric, I think they intended it for the backing.  The black I have hanging on the side is for the binding but I could use that on the two edges.  It would make it wider than long.  Not a good thing.  And I don't really like that fabric for the borders.

I guess I could go to the quilt shop and pick up something that would be another border.  

I hate that pink.......ohh.  What do I do with it to make it larger?????HELP

I can almost see that
pot of gold behind the trees!

Off to meet someone who will head the Spay/Neuter Project In Low Income Baton Rouge hopefully.  I really want a dedicated person for this project.  It will make such a difference here in Baton Rouge in the Low Income Areas.

Anyone interested in working with us?


  1. Are you wanting it to be longer as well as wider or just wider? Do you have anymore dog bone fabric?

  2. I don't like the black on there - got any more of the redish or the paws?

  3. How about a smokey grey or smokey blue, even a purplish would help.

  4. At that size it would be good lap quilt..., but if you want it big enuf for a bed or something that would be what, least 12 inches all the way around? You could use 4 dog squares at corners and then put checkerboard border? Might look better than a all same fabric boarder...just a thought. It's very cute though!

  5. Oh man! I just zoomed in and realized the white and muddy paw print fabric is that stuff by Mark Hordzinsky! I bought a few yards inline in black and white and have been looking all over for it since!!!!! If you find tardage of it somewhere, buy it and send it to me and I will pay you!


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