Tuesday, July 30, 2013

McGee Ate The Chevrons But I Saved The Bird

Yep, he did.  the chevrons from the kit I purchased in Covington at Bright Hopes Quilt Shop a couple weeks ago.  The kit came with something other than what the cover showed, and I wanted the cover quilt!  I went to Red Stick and they matched the exact colors, and I was happy.  Don't you really like that color? It was perfect next to the grey!

But obviously McGee did not want the new color choices.

And he ate two nice holes in the salmon color.  I am hoping that I can cut around it, and not need more. Geez.

A LARGE whole and a smaller hole.  Such a bad bad dog.  At least he didn't ingest any this time.

And earlier there had been a juvenile cardinal boy who must have tried to fly through the big window again.  He was a bit stunned.  In comes McGee!  All willing and ready to help a wayward bird!

I noticed the dogs around the ligustrum bush but it was the high pitched scream that alerted me to something out of the ordinary.  The bird was actually screaming!

I got the dogs inside and grabbed some gloves and captured him, taking him to the neighbor's bushes since they have no animals.  When I got back from the gym and lunch he was gone, hopefully to his nest for a day of rest before he ventures out again.  Although I think his momma has already kicked him out.  He is a big bugger!

And I think I will actually have the rest of the afternoon to sew.

That is until Frank calls me to see what is on the feeder now!  Oh my!  A treasure!  A red bellied male!  What a find.  He was loving the dark sunflower seeds.  Eat, my feathered friend.  Eat and Enjoy!

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  1. What a gun post! We have all manner of puppy problems but no one's eaten my fabric. I've been to those shops and love them. Another Louisiana quilter, I'm not so far away from you.


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