Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day

I love it, I need to name a quilt using that line from the Mommas And the Pappas.  Have you seen the July August issue of McCalls quilting?  I am in love with the Heirlooms quilt.  Not traditional at all. Tomatoes!

I really a should be doing something on the sewing machine instead of watching American Ninja.  I love that show and its crazier cousin Wipeout.   My favorite gipsy, the Cowboy, fell very near the end.  But my secon favorite guy, the ER Doc, fell early on.  I was distraught!  Now I need another set of faves!

I spent some time I the quilt room last night and did some more clearing.  I need to take a page from my bud Swooze and make up some kits.  I have about 10 made from last year, of which I have done two.

And if I spend some time in the quilt room doing these 5 or 6 quilts I put together at the retreat I would actually be getting something done.  Of course it is Tuesday already and I didn't get this posted.  OK, I am slipping.

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  1. Hey, I watch American Ninja too! Great minds ... I don't have any favorites, but root for everyone The people are amazing - some of the stuff they can do and how they are in such unbelievable physical condition. Man, am I a slacker, no, I am beyond a slacker!


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