Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stash Report 7-28-13 Lots of Usage!

 Boy did we have some rain on Saturday!
Baby Elephants

It has been so long since I have had a stash report, i forgot when it was due!
Turquoise Strips

I didn't get much done this week, a combination of health issues and mom and people falling and Frank being out of town.  You know.....LIFE!

The week before I was at the retreat and got so much done but nothing actually completed.  I came home with all those tops ready to quilt and use up some fabric for the backings!  Yes.

So here is my list of what I got done:

Swissy Raffle
1.  Raffle Quilt for GSMDCA - The Swissy People! - 4.75
2.  Turquoise Strips for Carrie - 2.25 yds
3.  Soar - Airplanes - 5 yds
4.  Baby Elephants - 3.75 yds
5.  Taking Names - triangles - 4.5 yds
6.  Moulin Rouge - 3 yds
7.  Elephant Binding - .75 yd
8.  Binding another quilt - .5 yd
Taking Names
9.  Elephant sleeve - .33 yd

So here is my report year to date!  

used this week -25
Used July -25
added this week 0
added July 0
used YTD -95.25
added YTD 38.5
stash reduction -56.75


  1. that rain video is pretty cool! I can just picture you all snuggly quilting inside while McGee chews on some fabric and Frank chews on a hot dog :-)

    how long have you been gluten free vegan? more power to you, I just don't have the will power for that. As much as I love animals I do like a steak or burger as long as it is in a package from the store - I try not to think about where it came from.

    I usually don't like those jelly roll quilts but I like carrie's quilt done with the whites. very nice :-)

  2. You have gotten a lot done! Good job! We had rain - again - on Saturday and it was a real gulley washer! Thank goodness it wasn't that blowing rain or the merchandise would have gotten soaked.


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