Saturday, July 27, 2013

GSMD Club Raffle Quilt

I am going to work on the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America's Raffle Quilt today.  It needs to be bigger.  Longer and maybe wider, we shall see what it looks like when it gets longer.  You know I hate square quilts and right now it is about 42 x 42. It needs to be bigger.

But first I have something to get off my craw.
It looks like an alien ship and runway

I have this wonderful new keyboard.  Remember mine died about
it has a calculator function and F keys
3 weeks ago?  I like the split keyboards and Best Buy had only one split keyboard available.  It was reasonably priced so I bought it.  I do like it.  Except for one thing.

It has like a ghost keyboard where all the keys take on a different
It has keys that have no explanation
meaning.  For no apparent reason and without apparent cause.  For example, just typing this post so far I have hit some key that erases the entire post.  I can get it back  by hitting the back arrow on the screen but it is very very very very very very very (infinity) aggravating.

And it just did it again!  Aughhhh!

Some key I hit brings up a strange window that wants me to edit in HTML. Then typing a period at the end of a sentence brings up a window that has the normal edits on it (copy, delete, paste, etc).

You have no idea how infuriating it is to have these windows constantly popping up and your work being constantly erased.

On top of that, I am sort of pissed off with Frank.  He only wanted to eat a hot dog at Sam's (yes, the STORE) and there is no way I am going to eat a hot dog or pizza when I am not eating wheat, corn, dairy, sugar, or fats.   So he was mad at ME for not wanting to eat.  And yes, I did try to compromise by offering to go to Dairy Queen where he could have gotten a nice hot dog and I could at least have gotten a salad.   Back in the car after getting dog bones and the infamous hot dog, he said it was my fault because if I had just convinced him to go somewhere else he would have gladly gone.

Now, really?  How passive aggressive is that?


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