Friday, July 26, 2013

Catahoula Pups and Elephants

Rebecca and I went out and temperament tested a litter of Catahoula pups for a buyer in the northeast.  She wants a Search and Rescue dog.

Precious pups, great socialization by their breeder.  You can tell she loves them a lot.  And she knows her pups well.  She does health clearances on he
r breeding choices and reads pedigrees and evaluates working ability when making a match.

You can't ask for more in a breeder.  If you want to talk backyard breeders, I can go there too!  I don't want to get into a morals discussion, I have worked with CAAWS for over 25 years now promoting spay and neuter.

Otherwise, I truly believe most people should never breed a litter and the majority of dogs should be spayed and neutered.

Did I ever show you the final outcome of the Elephants of Sri Lanka?  Frank is holding it as high as he can!


  1. Love the dog, not usually keen on the blue eyes but this one looks super.
    Your elephant quilt is amazing, was it hand or machine appliquéd?

  2. Oh your elephant quilt is so nice! And I agree, there IS such a thing as responsible's ashame there are so many that don't know the difference between them and know I'm a SN advocate as well, but I truly know responsible breeding exists. So many in rescue think all breeders are bad but they are so close minded.
    That elephant quilt really us something! Is it appliquéd? Needle turn fused or raw edge? Just curious.
    And BTW, what type of long arm do you have?

  3. we need more details on the elephants! wow! can we see a close up of one? are they appliqued or just a panel?? inquiring minds want to know:-)

    It's good to hear about a good breeder. I imagine or would hope most are and hope you have not witnessed a puppy mill but I'll bet you have and I do not want the details because I know it would haunt me and I do not want to be haunted. I can't even watch that commercial where the song If I ever see your face plays and the poor dogs looking thru the chain fence - I have to change the channel.

    thank you for being strong and doing what you do for CAWWS - you make a difference - I am a wimp.

  4. Adorable pup. It sad to know the in Holmes County, Ohio (the biggest Amish community in Ohio) has a terrible reputation for puppy mills. Just awful, sad. I love pound pups needing homes but if I were ever to buy a breed dog I'd do a lot of research to find a reputable breeder. Gorgeous elephant quilt.


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