Saturday, July 13, 2013

I am "Les Miserables" about packing

Finished this last year
I will be off on retreat next week for a bit.  If you don't hear from me it will be because I am in the middle of nowhere and the Internet God is not merciful.

finished this last year
I think, if I can remember from years past, that there are some times when we do get the internet, but that it was sketchy.  I hope I can set up a few posts for you while I am gone so it will be entertaining to be you.

I have not packed a single item.  Les Miserables is tonight so that takes a chunk of time away from packing and organizing.  I hope a good investment of time as well.  I am not a fan of musical and one review I read stated it was "a holy hoopla of overstated musical"!  I am sure it is better than that!

My stuff is in boxes everywhere in three rooms, how will I ever find anything?  Oh well.  And George Zimmerman and my mom will have to get along without me this week.  Sitting here and working on the blog will not get me packed, but it is good to do nothing on my feet for a while!




  1. I went to my first Savers thrift store today. I've heard you mention them. I am out of SC and in Minnesota and WOW! Their prices are steep! $15 for a used sweatshirt? Lots of cool things but golly the prices are high! Been going everyday! Just cuz I love a thrift store!
    Ran into a dog rescue group today and got a much needed doggie fix! WAY WAY bonus for the day! Been 5 days without fur! I Soooooooo needed that fix!

  2. Wish i could go too! Have extra fun for me.


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