Friday, July 12, 2013

Expensive afternoon

If you had some extra money, what would you do with it?

This is what I did with $1400 this afternoon, and all in one place and not a single piece of fabric!

My beloved Swissy on the front
was my present when Dutch
got his Championship
Front brakes, back brakes, replace a frayed drive belt, radiator flush and the 30,000 mile service. They changed my air filters, the
oil filter and oil and even the windshield wipers!  And washed it and dressed the tires!  I got celebrity treatment!

And it is good for the next 30,000 miles!

Well dressed tires
I actually have 34,000 miles on it, but the brakes and drive belt are 8 years old.  I don't drive much I guess.

Frank, on the other hand, had just a few miles under 15,000 and
his accord is only 5 months old!!!

Shiny side panels reflect the trees
I told Ervin at the Honda shop, Don't fix it, I want a new one like everybody else has.  With the cameras and GPS build in and fancy phone and iPod connections.  Let it fall apart.

His reply to me was, Hey, Honey, it is a Honda, it ain't gonna fall apart!

So I guess I will be driving it until I am too old to drive!

(Ervin's cute little wife is an avid quilter.  I tell him about all the shows coming up and he tells me about the wonderful hand work she does.)

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  1. Is it anElement? I just recently saw one of them and t want one since it is the perfect dog car. They don't make them any more though so by the time I am ready to get rid of my beloved VW bug I probablly won't be able to find one. If it is an Elenment then I can see why you would put all that money into it. After all you need to be able to rush. McGee to the vet to save his life every week :-)


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