Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Gets in the Way

But you all know that!  I have been dealing with my mother, who is now at 82 pounds, and continuing to lose weight.  And there are some issues with that.

Look at the muscles in that calf!
I have been race biking with Theresa!
And I am getting ready for a big big big retreat.  I will be gone most of next week on that.  So you may or may not hear from me based on the ability of the internet to reach remote areas of the state of Louisiana.  But I will be thinking of each one of you!

Aren't they the bee's knees?
I did get a chance to complete my socks!  Yes!  I made socks!  I told the lady who owns the local knit shop that I would need to make
another 27 pairs so I can walk around saying to everyone in sight, Look!  I made these socks!

It was so thrilling to hit each milestone on the pair.  I love them and already have another pain started for Franklin.


  1. Congratulations on finishing the socks! I have never made socks, but I can knit. Sorry to hear about your mom.

  2. I wear a 10 and I love purple! Maybe you have taken to calling me Franklin now....

  3. Hohhot! Something else you can teach me if I ever get to come visit again!


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